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Social networks

No more wasted time!

Time is our most precious resource and since we created our first blog Petit Parc autour du monde, our biggest challenge has been trying to find good balance between work, blogging and personal life. Putting blogging in between work and personal life is no random choice because that’s exactly where it belongs. It’s neither entirely a job nor entirely a leisure activity. It seesaws between the two depending on time of the year, subjects and motivation.

When you’re a perfectionist like we are, communicating on social networks is a rather time-consuming activity: we usually spent 45 to 60 minutes creating an Instagram post and its Facebook related counterpart. You have to do this three to four times a week if you don’t want to be penalized by the networks algorithms which purpose is to make their users complete addicts. Easy mathematics shows that we spend 3 to 4 hours every week producing content that – let’s be realistic – was forgotten as soon as it was swiped up.

Today it seems more relevant that we spend this time creating quality content for the website. You will come (and come back hopefully) visit us when it is the right time for you. Really, have you already tried retrieving on Facebook a post that you wanted to read but that didn’t show up at the right time? You’d better be some sort of archeologist! Since we’re neither Indiana Jones nor Lara Croft, we can’t find it anymore, we get mad and we give up. And guess what, we lost our time.

That’s where we’re sitting now : both in our personal life and in our blogging life, social networks are wasting our time. That’s the reason why we decided not to be there anymore in order to focus on what’s really relevant to us. As a matter of fact, we’re thinking that when we will be 70/80/90 (choose one you like) years old and about to die, we will not regret not reaching 1000/10000/100000 (once again, choose one you like) followers on Facebook or Instagram. But we would regret not dedicating our lives to what matters the most to us: doing our best to help with species conservation and spending quality time with our friends and family.


Website updates

There are two ways for you to know when there is new content on the website:

  • The first one is kind of old school but well, it works : you just have to regularly come and visit us. We built the website keeping in mind that our visitors need to quickly identify if there is a new article available.
  • The second one is slightly more evolved and will allow you to be advised when there is new content you might miss otherwise (like a new “Animal” page for instance): it’s subscribing to the newsletter. Since we hate spam at least as much as you do, you will never receive dozens of emails from us. We think that once a month is clearly enough. And if there is nothing new, we will just shut up! We don’t see any point in sending you a message if there is nothing interesting in it. If you want to subscribe, there is a form at the bottom of each page of the website.


But there is an Instagram

It’s true. We sometime put pictures on Instagram. We actually use our Instagram account as a virtual business card. It is an easily accessible portfolio that other people we meet can watch on their smartphone. It allows them to discover our world very quickly. But since we don’t want to play to the social network game, we don’t follow anyone, we’re not looking for followers, we don’t expect interactions and we open the app only to post new pictures.