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About us

A giraffe

This is Alexandra. If we ended up creating this website, it’s 100% because of her!
On a beautiful day of September 2013 in Vancouver Island, she had me board a whale-watching boat. Three hours at sea that had cost me $100. I didn’t want to go: too long and too expensive. As a matter of fact, I had an epiphany on this day: it was love at first sight with wildlife and biodiversity. Since then, I have happily been traveling the world with her in order to discover rare or more common species and endangered or less endangered species…
Getting up in the morning is the biggest challenge Alexandra has to face in her life. Unless there is wildlife to watch: that’s the moment when she’s the first up and ready! The crazy thing about her is that she loves absolutely all the animals she encounters. And the uglier they look, the more she loves them. Because, well, “nobody likes those poor guys, so there need to be someone to like them!”
Alexandra is obviously the website feminine touch. Extremely meticulous and perfectionist, nothing can be left to chance when she is around. Changing any color without getting her approval first is a no-go!
Tall, thin and elegant, I think we found our giraffe…

A grizzly

This is Mathieu. If we ended up creating this website, it’s 100% because of him!
It was Christmas 2011, he presented me with my very first DSLR camera. Until then, I was just taking souvenir pictures as I call them. You know, those pictures that are always a little blurry and generally crooked… But this was before I dealt with Mathieu’s knowledge and (almost) infinite patience! He took me with him into the world of ISO, aperture priority and HDR. I wonder if he is regretting all of this when I’m asking him for the 100.000th time which settings I should use to get the best compromise between noise and sharpness!
There is something Mathieu is constantly saying: “I wish I were on a safari right now.” He has been obsessed with safari since our very first trip to Africa. ¬†When we’re on the field, he even lives the adventure at night when sleeping. He regularly wakes me up because he thinks lions are attacking us or because he thinks he found some rare critter by the side of the road!
Mathieu is the brain (and the grizzly) behind this website. He created this means to share our passion for wildlife while also educating about species conservation. Without him, nothing would have been possible. He had his beard grow and got fully into the darkness of the world of PHP and CSS. I think it was worth the effort. Well, you will tell us if it was…

The cover picture of this page was taken by our friend Nathalie. We warmly thank her for this great shot.