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What animals are seen in United Kingdom?

The Giraffe and the Grizzly is a website about shared experience and it is not pretending to be as exhaustive as an encyclopedia. Allow us to insist on the fact that only species we have already observed in United Kingdom are listed here. They are very certainly many others but we have decided not to talk about them because we have never seen them with our own eyes.
The idea behind this concept is that you’re most likely to be able to observe them since we managed to do so !

Some of the animals have a little icon next to their names, don’t hesitate to click on them if you want to learn more about those species.



Where to see animals in United Kingdom?

The Giraffe and the Grizzly concept is still the same here : we’re sharing with you our experience in United Kingdom. We’re therefore showing you on this map places where we have already been and where we actually saw animals. This is an interactive map, don’t hesitate to mouse over it to display more information.

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